Frequently Asked Questions - About Classes

1) Do I need a partner for the classes? No, we rotate our partners so you'll always get a partner to dance with in the rotation. If you come as a couple and you don't want to rotate it's ok, just let us know. We recommend rotations because dancing with different leads and follows helps you improve faster.

2) What should I wear to class? Something comfortable, avoid tight clothes. Bring shoes with flat soles or dance shoes. No rubber soles please.

3) I already know how to dance some salsa, can I take the intermediate class? If you've been dancing for a while please come early before the class for a quick (free) evaluation. The beginners class also goes over the lingo of many standard dance steps besides the fundamentals, like suzy q, round basic, walk, guaguanco, etc. We want you to be comfortable and happy in the classes you take!

4) Can I join if the series already started? Beginners are welcomed to join a series up until the second class. After that we recommend that you wait until the next series. Intermediate students can join at anytime, as the classes are independent modules.

5) What can I do if I'm not keeping up with the class? Group classes are great for giving you a quick and economic way to learn to dance and meet people. If you feel you are not keeping up with the class please contact us to set up a private lesson. We have very cheap private lessons for those enrolled in our series because we want you to improve and be happy with your dancing. Private Lessons.

6) How long does it take to get good? Humm...this is a complex one. This depend on your personal skill and your dedication. The more you practice outside of class, the better you are going to get, and the faster you'll get good. We've seen people be ready to go from nothing to intermediate level in one class serie, while others need to repeat the series until they feel comfortable.

7) When does the next series start? Sunday Jan 24th. Please see Classes.

8) Do you teach during the week? We currently have our advance training program during the week. Please contact us if you want to join this program. We are available on Wed nights for private lessons.

9) What other latin dance styles do you teach?
We also teach Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and ChaCha.

10) I live in Fort Worth/Arlington/Denton, do you have classes in other locations?
We teach a free salsa class at Embargo every Thursday at 9pm. Come and join us for a great night of fun. We are available before the 9pm class for privates.

11) I paid online? What happens now?
Great! We receive an electronic copy of the payment confirmation. Your name is then added to the paid list for the front desk. When you come to the studio you'll give them your name (and show ID) and you'll be all set!!

12) I really want to get good as fast as possible. How do I do that? Practice makes perfect. Join us for group classes so that you can feel different leads and follows, take private lessons to perfect your technique, and go out dancing as much as you can!!

Frequently Asked Questions - General questions

1) I am new to Dallas, or I want to try a new place in DFW, what's a good place to dance?
See a complete list of great latin nights around the DFW metroplex at Dance Spots

2) Do you do private parties? Dance Presentations?
Yes, if you'd like to do a private class to entertain your guest, we guarantee you a great time, and presentation. We have several arrangements to work with your dream while staying within YOUR budget. Please contact us for a personalized rate and plan.