Basic NY (On2) Style Salsa!


Our beginner NY Salsa style classes are held on Tuesdays from 7pm – 8:30pm at Dance ETC - Coit & Arapaho .

We offer a 4-week course (6 hours of instruction) where you will learn the first three of the six fundamental salsa moves, basic footwork and styling.

This class is designed for people with little or no-previous experience dancing salsa.
We'll take time to understand music and timing so that you may start enjoying dancing smoothly.
You'll learn these fundamentals:

Left and Right turn,
Cross Body Lead,
This also includes basic footwork
Hammmerlocks & Drapes.

Our innovative system stays away from memorizing patterns. We want you to dance naturally and create from your solid core of fundamentals.


 Salsa Series


This class is designed for people with little or no-experience dancing salsa.

If you already know this moves join us for intermediate level classes (held concurrently at the same location on Sundays 3.30pm) or Contact Us to join the Intensive Training Program (Dance Team).