About Mambo Dallas!

Katie Mambo, Director, Choreographer & Master Instructor

Katie SeamansKatie fell in love with salsa dancing in a Cuban nightclub in Paris (France). She credits Ana Massicot, Andres Giraldo, and Anara Frank for her training while dancing with the Boston-based dance company Jam'nastics. Although Jam'nastics is no longer around, many reknowned salsa companies are now run by it's past members: Masacote, Salsa y Control, Metamovements, Rumba y Timbal, world salsa and bachata champion Vera Rowe, and Mambo Dallas. Katie has been dancing and teaching for over 15 years and has performed in many cities across the US as well as numerous TV appearances and international venues. Katie also has a background in tango and ballet, but fell in love with latin music and dance. She also holds a PhD in neuroscience.

Wander Rosario, former volunteer co-Director, Choreographer & Instructor

Wander RosarioWander is originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He began his training in NY style salsa in 2009 after seeing professional dancers at the Punta Cana Salsa Congress. He is a natural dancer and grew up dancing the traditional Dominican dances, meregue and bachata. He danced salsa with the On2 Dancers in Santo Domingo for 2 years. Before moving to Dallas in 2013, Wander traveled internationally for 2 years teaching and performing with his partner Katie.

Marcus Valentin, Dancer and Instructor

Marcus ValentinMarcus has the flavor of the Puerto Rican Island in his blood and personality. He was invited to join the MamboDallas Dance Team after a performance with his High School team at the Texas High School Salsa Competition early 2009 where he demonstrated his charm, energy and stage presence. Marcus has been dancing since he was a small boy, but learned New York Style On2 at the first Mambo Dallas Intensive Training Program. He has grown to become a great dancer and performer. He moved to NY where he continued his salsa training with Yamulee and then World Champion Anya Katsevman.

Sonia Juarez, Dancer

Sonia Juarez Sonia was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and graduated from Skyline high school. She started dancing ballet folklorico, with Ballet folklorico of Dallas, at the age of 14. In 2008, she began dancing salsa and credits Marcus Negron as her first official salsa instructor. She danced and performed with Rumba y Fuego Dance Company and Mambo Violento, both in Dallas. Her inspirations in salsa come from Jorjet Alcocer, Karel Flores, and Sheila de Jesus. Sonia is known on the dance floor for her smooth following and unexpected boldness. Sonia loves salsa, but she also loves to take naps, shoot hoops and box, so stay on her good side!

Yamid Pulido, Dancer

Yamid Pulido

Ashley Dominguez, Dancer

Ashley Dominguez

Daniel Grajeda, Dancer

Daniel Grajeda

Christine Higgins, Dancer

Christine Higgins

Roy Delgado, Dancer

Roy Delgado

Star Williams, Dancer

Star Williams

Jeff Bunagan, Dancer

Jeff Bunagan

Mambo Dallas Alumni: Past Dancers and Instructors

Rosa Maria Smith Garcia, Dancer in absentia

Rosa Maria Smith Rosa's smile and style are sure to catch your attention when you see her dancing. In high school, Rosa was in the cheerleading team for 3 years and earned the Most Valuable Cheerleader. She was invited to the Universal Cheerleading Association New Years Parade in London, England in 2006. Her passion for music started as a child when she was exposed to various types of music. This classically trained Cheerleader has grown to be a fantastic Bachata and Salsa Dancer. Her passion for bachata all started March 2010 at the University of Texas at Arlington where she met Marcus Negron and Veronica Hernandez it was here where her passion for salsa and bachata started. She began her Mambo training with Mambo Dallas in 2010 and has performed with the professional company at national and international events. Rosa now lives in San Antonio, but continues to travel and perform with Mambo Dallas at events.

Frederic, former Co-director & Instructor

Frederic Angus Frederic began his training when he was just 8 years old under the supervision of his older sister. He started dancing and performing at school and community shows at 9 and has since been hooked on performing. Through his teens he danced with several amateur dance teams. Although he wasn't formally trained, friends at the university constantly asked him to teach them how to dance. For 2 years he taught salsa to groups of up to 50 people. While completing his Masters in Engineering in Miami, he trained with Salsa Kings (Casino) and University of Miami's Salsa Craze (On1), soon rising to the performance level, performing and competing all over Miami. In Dallas he trained On1 with the talented Jonathan Rodriguez (OmniSalsa, Houston), and learned On2 with Mambo Dallas. Frederic left Dallas in 2010 and now teaches in Cincinnati with Ivana Adler.

Marcus Negron, Instructor

In 2006 Marcus Negron met two amazing dancers who were the first to show him what salseros could really look like with training: : Delilah Torrence and Lorenzo Brizeno. He was hooked!! Later he was asked to be a part of the Mezcla Dance Co. For the next 2 years he performed at events all around Texas; he performed in cities including but not limited to Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, South Padre, Laredo, and Houston. In 2008 he moved back to Arlington and has been teaching in the area. His salsa influences are Micah Boon, Cliff Anderson, Magna Gopal, Oliver Pineda, Gabriel Yamal, and Roy Hernandez. Marcus is proud of his PR roots and may possibly love ping pong more than he loves salsa.

Treyse Rollins, Dancer

Jennifer Anderson, Dancer & Instructor

(in absentia) Jennifer has been dancing salsa and merengue all her life. Born in Puerto Rico, she learned the enchanting rhythms and styles of her island. She began learning to dance On1 during college with instructor Jonathan Rodriguez and continued to social dance throughout the years. She was a member of Guajiro Dance Company in 2009 where she began her transition to On2. She joined the Mambo Dallas Family in 2010 and hopes to continue her passion for learning and dancing. Jennifer also works as an administrator in the educational field.

John (J. D.) Chaparro, Instructor & Dancer

John (J. D.) Chaparro initial dancing training was in formal ballroom, swing, and Latin dancing. In 2008 he began his on2 Salsa training. He has been dancing on1 salsa since he started his ballroom training. John joined Mambo Dallas dance company in 2009. John also works as an electrical engineer at Texas Instruments.

Breanna Cooke, Dancer

Breanna is a competitive Ballroom dancer that was interested in sharpening her Salsa, in particular, On2 skills with the MamboDallas Team. She danced with the team for the Punta Cana International Salsa Congress and contributed with her skills, energy, ideas and passion - not to mention her super chill attitude! She's currently preparing to continue dancing competitively in the Ballroom world.

Misty Hill, Dancer

Misty was first introduced to salsa in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in 2003. She started social dancing and from time to time, taking classes from different instructors (On1). She has traveled all over and could always rely on a friendly, welcoming environment within the salsa community. Just reciently she offically made Dallas her home and decided to take her salsa to another level by joining Mambo Dallas. Dancing will always be a part of her life because for her it is the way we rejoice life.

Lakshmi Gomez, Dancer

Victor Esteva, Dancer

Tremayne Clemens, Dancer

Eric DeLeon, Dancer

Elier, Assistant Director (in absentia)

Elier has been dancing NY-style salsa since 2004. He trained with instructors from NY as well as those influenced by NY style. He excels in his understanding of technique as well as his execution with style. In addition to his accomplished dancing, he is also gifted artist and boot maker. He is currently training with some of the best dancers in NY city and hopes to return to Dallas one day.

Juan Chavez, visiting Instructor

Juan is a visiting instructor from Boston (now New York City). A Dallas native, Juan attended the Arts high school and became a skilled violinist with a focus on salsa. He moved to Boston to continue his training at Berklee College of Music. While in Boston, Juan fell in love with dancing salsa. He teaches Salsa and Afro-Cuban Jazz dance classes, as well as music lessons. Juan is continuing his training in Dallas as a classical dancer, but you can still see him at the salsa clubs! Catch him while he's here- available until December 2009.

Katie, Dancer & Instructor (Lubbock)

Katie has been dancing since she was 4 years old. Her love of dance has driven her to learn many differnet styles of dance. Her amazing style on the dance floor is inspired by her b-girl background. Her style and energy on the dance floor is captivating. Katie is currently teaching salsa in Lubbock, TX as she pursues her PhD.

Carenina, Dancer & Yoga Instructor

Carenina has been dancing since she can remember. As a child she danced and performed around the country with a professional troupe. She is a native Texan, but very proud of her Puerto Rican heritage. Carenina has been dancing salsa on and off with various dance companies, including Salsa Passion, since 2002. Carenina is available for private lessons and is also experienced in instructing children. She recently received her certification as a yoga instructor. Copyright´┐Ż 2009 www.mambodallas.com All rights reserved.

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