Mambo Dallas Dance Lessons

Mambo Dallas offers a range of lessons to suit your goals, needs and budget. No partner is required for any of our classes! For private lessons, please call for an appointment (919-641-8971)

Mambo Dallas Private Latin Dance Lessons
We recommend a combination of private and group classes because personal classes will help you clean your skills and technique, while group classes are an economical way to practice and meet people in a friendly setting. Click here to see Private Lessons rates and locations.

We are available for Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Mambo, Pachanga, and ChaCha lessons, as well as body movement and styling.

If none of this offers suit what you're looking for please Contact us for a personalized plan:

Email us at or call 919.641.8971.

See our video reviews at the bottom of this page. Scroll down to see our youtube aids!! Mambo Dallas Group Salsa Lessons

Our innovative system stays away from memorizing patterns. We want you to dance naturally and create from your solid core of fundamentals. Scroll down to see our class video reviews!

For salsa shoes see our page on Burju Shoes.

Designed for people with little or no experience dancing, this class is designed to show you all the basic salsa steps and three fundamentals moves: Left & right turn, and cross body leads. It also includes drapes and hammerlocks.

You must know the first three fundamentals. This is designed for people that have some salsa dancing experience. You will learn the next three fundamentals: Inside, Outside turn and Copa. This will add some footwork, body movement, and wraps.

No holds barred. This class is designed for a fun challenge for people with solid fundamentals. In this class we bring the latest and most interesting new moves from the Salsa world. You must know all six fundamentals, basic steps, and have good timing.

Not sure which Salsa style to choose? Check our Simple Explanation or our Technical Explanation on the differences between On1 and On2 Salsa.

Salsa Class Series Video Reviews

Bachata Class - More on fundamentals of Dominican Bachata.

Salsa Level Three - Simple back-back inside turn with double spins for lead and follow.

Salsa Level One - 3 fundamentals review with pattern (including drapes and inside turn).

Salsa Level One - Three end of class beginner patterns.

Salsa Level Three - more 360s.

Bachata - Dominican Style bachata hand work fundamental

Salsa Level One - Review all fundamentals

Salsa Level Three - spin drills, tango inside turn copa wrap.

Salsa Level One. cross body lead with simple left and right combinations.

Salsa Level Three. 360 crossbody lead, reverse crossbody.

Salsa Level Three. 360 crossbody lead, reverse crossbody.

Salsa Level One - Left, right turn review, inside outside turn pattern.

Salsa Level Three - Inside turn drape, hand toss, hammerlock wraps and unwrap.

Salsa Level One. Simple left and right turn and change hands.

Bachata Class simple right turn with separation hands, neck alarde, hug, and rainbow.

Salsa Level One - basic steps, left, right turns, walk, round basic, Suzy Q.

Salsa Level Three- Inside turn wraps, change of direction hug into copa...then walk away.

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